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In Abbagames we like to play. That's probably why, because play is our passion, far beyond a simple business, currently we are a benchmark in terms of creation, design, manufacture and distribution of games.

Here we concentrate all games that are properly our creation or from our collaborators, leaving aside the games more "professional" on television. This section is exclusively for you, gamers.

Portal of Morth

Portal of Morth

Recreate the excitement and stress of thetower defense type videogames. In Portal of Morth players will control different heroes that will evolve throughout the game, trying to keep Lord Morth troops out of their territory.

Individual and cooperative mode. With an original enemies-sharing mechanic based on a central roulette and with ~100 dices identifying enemies.


In Oilfield, you will get into the skin of a businessman in the America of the 30's, eager for riches, that will try to exploit the rich deposits of Texas and sale the gas and oil in the most profitable way possible.>/p>

You will have the opportunity to perform two actions in each round of play, one public and one private, obtain concessions, obtain material, build new refineries, ... From these actions will depend the amount of investments (victory points) you get.



In Feudalia you control three fiefdoms, with a small village in each. A small population of vassals that will provide you with resources and money that allow you to grow the villa, increase population, specialize your vassals and hire grand masters.

Feudalia is a boardgame based on a card game mechanic. It includes a solo game mode designed as a training ground for games from 2 to 4 players, because it keeps the same rules regardless of the number of players.

Ray Master

After years of research, Professor Röntgen has invented a new gadget that seems to be able to modify the atomic composition of objects, to the point of being able to reduce them and increase them at will. But his archenemy and his former student, Professor Stern, is determined to steal the idea.

To get the best experimental samples, you should use the beam to manipulate the value and size of your dices while you sabotage your opponent dices.

Ray Master

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