Feudalia Portada

Get in the skin of a feudal lord!

In Feudalia you control three kingdoms, with a small village in each. A small population of vassals that will provide you with resources and money that allow you to grow the villa, increase population, specialize your vassals and hire grand masters.

Besides trying to have the most prosperous domains, you will have to help building the cathedral that the king calls for his own benefit and glory. In addition to this demand, the tax collector will ask you for funds and you will be constantly worried about possible attacks from your neighbors, although negotiations with them will help you achieve your goals.

Nº of players: 1-4
Ages: 14+
Duration: 90 minutes
Designer: Fernando Abad
Artists: Fernando Abad, Ángel Abad, Chechu Nieto

Multitude of characters

Learn their skills and combine them wisely

In Feudalia your vassals will evolve, acquiring new skills and make your domains progress. But be careful because you can not get all specialties. Use your head to choose correctly!

Also, you can hire grand masters that provides you access to special skills take a leap of quality to your domains. Yes, they will ask money in exchange.

Mechanics and Features

Main features of Feudalia.

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Card Deck Game

Card game in which you will have to build you domain through vassals and grand masters.

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Hand Managment

The order you play your cards influences the result of actions.

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Worker placement

You'll be able to incorporate new vassals and grand masters to your domains, providing them with new skills.

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You will develop your domains and, according to the strategy adopted, you will specialized them or provide them with new abilities. You'll have to choose.

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Feudalia is set in medieval times, you will take the role of a great feudal lord.

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You might, even need to, negotiate with your opponents to achieve your own goals.


Images and details of the game.

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