Play your favorite stories from the Justice League with all their protagonists!



Variable​ ​powers

Each character has a set unique actions that represent their powers, from mighty attacks to defence actions, including all sorts of skills like immobilizing, pushing the enemy or distributing damage.


3​ ​mechanics

The game has 3 control mechanics for the different characters: dice, cards and energy tokens, giving each character a unique in-game feel.

Green Lantern

Team​ ​play

In each game, heroes and villains will form 2 teams that will face each other on every scenario to fulfill their goals. At the end of the game, the winning team of the final battle will be the winner of the game.


Inspired​ ​by​ ​the​ ​comic​ ​books

Each mission is inspired by a known story arch from the comic books of the Justice League, giving that distinct DC universe flavor to each mission.

Wonder Woman

Rescue​ ​missions

Fighting isn’t what makes a true hero, but rather their will to help others. For this very reason, the game includes exciting rescue missions where heroes and villains will have to interact with bystanders on the streets.


Several​ ​game​ ​modes

The game includes several game modes, to adapt to each player’s tastes. These game modes include a campaign mode and a customizable skirmish mode.

Introductory video to the board game.

Get excited by watching this introductory video. Fusion of history, music and comics to get into the unique world of the board game Justice League: Dawn of Heroes.

Observe the layout of the game and its game mechanics. The strategy and the struggles between characters. Who will win? Heroes or Villains? It depends on you!

Modo Tutorial

Tutorial​ Mode

Easily learn how to play with the tutorial game included in the game box. Follow the explanation in the tutorial booklet step by step, and it will guide you through your first game of Justice League: Dawn of Heroes. By playing this tutorial, you will learn almost every rule needed to play any scenario in the game.

Mission​ ​mode

In the mission booklet, you will find several scenarios, sorted by missions, which you can play to recreate known stories of the Justice League. Play the mission in one game, or save your progress after each chapter to continue some other time. The teams will have different goals to reach each chapter, and the winning team will receive an important benefit for the last chapter, the final battle!

Modo Misiones
Modo Escaramuza

Skirmish​ Mode

Build your own teams of characters and face them in merciless battles with the skirmish mode included in the game. With 2 different skirmish versions and a ton of different character combinations, enjoy Justice League: Dawn of Heroes just the way you like. Play the epic battles you’ve always dreamed of!


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Lead your favorite characters from the DC universe

On the side of heroes you will count with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Nightwing, Power Girl, & many other characters to save the universe from the terrible threats of the villains!

With the villains, you will play with Lex Luthor, The Joker, Darkseid, Doomsday, The Cheetah, Black Manta & other fearsome characters who will try to achieve their evil goals before the Justice League stops them.

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman

Customize your miniatures

The miniatures will be printed in gray plastic, but you can paint them and customize them any way you want!


Publishers and Distributors

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