Texas, 1933

Get a concession, build, extracts oil, trade and invest. But overall, think wise!


In Oilfield you will take the role of an American businessman in the early 30’s, striving for wealth, who will try to exploit the rich reservoirs in Texas, trading with natural gas and oil in the most profitable markets.

Texas, 1933, a new day dawns for the brave pioneers of the American West, like yourself. Under the burning sand, the black gold awaits for your arrival… what are you waiting for?

Get a government lease in one of the richest oil reservoirs, build towers, drill the resources, trade and invest wisely!

Only the most audacious amongst you, using a smart strategy, will be able to surpass your competitors and become a true oil tycoon.

Number of players: 2-5
Ages: 10+
Duración: 60 min/player
Designer: Paco Yañez
Artist: Nicolás Serrano

Caja Oilfield

Tablero Oilfield

Game Mechanics


You will manage a number of resources and you will have to take the correct decisions in order to optimize your turn.

Simultaneous Action Selection

You will have to choose which actions to carried out in each turn, you can only perform 2 of the 8 actions available.

Industry / Manufacturing

Get exploitation concessions and build factories to advance in the game.


Oilfield was born on June 1, 2016 as a project within the Kickstarter crowdfunding community. The welcome of the project was higher than expected, and on June 23 we already achieved the goal we set ourselves, even surpassing it, which made possible to unlock additional features and start production with more features than we had initially proposed.

We would like to again thank everyone who sponsored us and have allowed this project to become a reality. They are all part of this game and we have reflected it in thank-you section of the game, included in the manual. Aditionally we print the list of people beside this note, as we want to thank these people and reflect our commitment with them.

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