Inspired tower defense video gamea, players will control the brave defenders of the border, who will fight to prevent Lord Morth´s troops cross their territory. The evil Lord Morth will send wave after wave of powerful enemies and spells from his dark castle in the mountains.

dice rolling

100 dices of different colors representing the enemy hordes, identifying their strength and speed.

Variable Player Powers

Your characters will evolve, becoming stronger by acquiring new skills.

Central roulette

Portal of Morth includes an original roulette to distribute the hordes among the players.

Co-operative Play

You can also play Portal of Morth in cooperative mode where players will have to be coordinated to avoid being defeated.


Number of players: 1-4
Ages: 14+
Duration: 30 min/jugador
Designers: Buster Lehn, Manuel Muñoz, Francisco Ruiz
Artists: Adrián Sanchez, Nicolás Serrano

Caja Portal of Morth
Reglamento Portal of Morth

Races and Characters

In Portal of Morth you will find 4 different races: Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Humans. For each race you will have 4 types of characters described below:
Guerrero Portal of Morth


Specialized in physical combat

Sylth Warriors are brave fighters. They attack a single enemy box. They can improve their damage and speed as well as acquire holy damage or increase his range.

Sacerdote Portal of Morth


They dedicate their lives to the divine

They use their sacred power to destroy all his enemies. They can be very powerful and acquire arcane power to damage all enemies of the boxes.

Mago Portal of Morth


Ardent students of the arcane arts

Dominate the most terrible spells. With its arcane attack they attack all enemies box, and can also learn holy damage or physical attacks.

Especialista Portal of Morth


Each race has a specialist, each with its peculiarities

They all use special attacks. They can set traps, slow enemies, attack multiple enemies or do powerful attacks.

It´s a tower defense game that has something I bet you haven´t seen in a game before. I really enjoyed, I think it´s a very unique and intriguing and wild. It´s a pretty cool experience.

Overall is a really sharp game, everything works quite nicely.
The game can be very strategic and tactical with out having wild swings of luck.


Main elements of the game.
Characters Elfos 1

Elves Characters 1


Personajes Elfos 2

Elves Characters 2


Guía 1

Help guide 1

Quick guides

Guía 2

Help guide 2

Quick guides

Tarjeta Personaje

Character card


Personajes Enanos 1

Dwarves Characters 1


Personajes Enanos 2

Dwarves Characters 2


Mapa Individual

Individual Map



Central Roulette


Personajes Gnomos 1

Gnomes Characters 1


Personajes Gnomos 2

Gnomes Characters 2


Guía 3

Help guide 3

Quick guides

In game 1

In game 1


Personajes Humanos 1

Hummans Characters 1


Personajes Humanos 2

Hummans Characters 2


Mapa Cooperativo

Cooperative Map


In game 2

In game 2


Guía 4

Help guide 4

Quick guides

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